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Pregnancy Health

Michigan midwife in the Detroit area, will travel 1 hour radius.  I have  been practicing since October 1976 and have attended over 900 births.   My philosophy is that pregnancy, birth and breast feeding, are all  healthy, natural functions of a woman's body, mind and spirit.  As a  midwife I do not "deliver" babies.  I assist and support women to give  birth themselves, with their family and/or friends surrounding them,  offering loving support as well.

Labor and Birth

   I completely trust that every woman  has the ability to give birth without intervention.  In practice I seek  to nurture each woman's sense of natural ability, personal strength and  self confidence so that they may be empowered through their birth  experience.  This in turn will lay the foundation for a more complete  mothering experience. assessments, blood pressure testing, nutritional counseling, and fetal heart measurements. 

I work with

 I offer my services in a team effort with a doula and/or apprentice. I  have trained 30 apprentices during my career, 10 are practicing  currently, throughout the U. S. and Canada.  It is important for skills  to be passed on from experienced midwives to those desiring to learn.   Apprentices and doulas engage in ongoing study and workshops,  participate in prenatal and postpartum care, as well as serving as  assistants at the birth. 

Life is beautiful


Home birth, birth centers and hospitals each offer women different  options for birth.  I support women in the process of birth, rather than  impose artificial interventions or make labor conform to a specific  pattern; the range for variation is wide. 


Giving you support and love the whole time though.

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 Services Offered:

     Phone consultation
     Counseling & referrals
     Prenatal care
     Nutritional guidance
     Labor support
     Newborn examinations
     Postpartum care
     Breast feeding guidance
     Natural family planning 


Emergency Service:

Please call 911
Affiliated member of:

 MANA - Midwives Alliance of North America

MMA - Michigan Midwives Association